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August 7, 2004 at 4:54 pm | Posted in SharePoint, SharePoint 2003 | 1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago I dropped a comment on Maurice Prathers blog about using http compression on sharepoint. This is something I consider almost essential for any sharepoint site, regardless of your connection speed to the server.

It looks like he took it up, and and has written a great post on how to implement it. Which of course made me feel very lazy in not making an effort to post the info myself *note to self, post info*.

He has also published very detailed info on the resulting performance.

my only comment is that he may have set the compression level a bit too high..

UPDATE: Maurice has updated his article showing the performance benefits of using level 9 compression.

great post Maurice.


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  1. The analysis has been updated with a comparison of results between compression level 9 and 10.

    Net result: level 10 does consume way too much processor time.–>

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