Virtual Server setup for SharePoint 2007 beta 2

June 13, 2006 at 11:28 am | Posted in SharePoint, SharePoint 2007 | Leave a comment

I ran in to trouble when setting up the virtual servers for MySite and the Shared Services Administration. The configuration page asks you to select an existing virtual server or create a new one.

Alas, despite having a couple of unused virtual servers already created, and trying to create new ones through the SharePoint UI, the selection drop-down remained empty.

After getting rather annoyed over a certain period of time, I found changing the execute permisisons in the Virtual Server to script and executables allowed the virtual servers to be created. I don't know if this is the correct fix as it obv. a potential security risk, but it fixed it for me.

P.S. I've been playing with beta 2 for a couple of days now and I've got a familiar feeling. I think I last felt it after I'd been using SPS2003 for a few days… it kinda goes along the lines of "this thing is huuuge… and it's gonna take months and months to learn it.." and that's with 3 years of SPS2003 experience under my belt.

The potential though is phenominal. WSS 2007 alone is going to change how a lot of companies work. I can't yet imagine the full impact of SPS2007, at the very least it'll become a development platform in it's own right, and thats before you start throwing in all the custom .net web parts.


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