Free mindmapping software that works

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I’m sure most people out there are familiar with mind mapping, and perhaps even given it a go. Then you might have given up on an awkward interface, or been put off by the cost of full blown products.

I don’t use theĀ mind mapping approach all the time, it’s not always appropiate. However when collecting user requirements, doing business analysis, or even abstract software design, I’d recommend trying out mind mapping. It’s a very effective way of starting a design, and getting a lot of ideas down with a very simple instintive structure.

There is now also a free tool that I find very easy to use. It also allows additional notes to be made against each node in your mind maps, and has lots of export formats.

Using the additional notes featureĀ and clickable html diagram export I’ve actually been able to quickly produce functional spec’s that I can pass to end users.

A great time saver when used effectivly…


Ikea marketing

May 22, 2006 at 11:57 pm | Posted in Creative | Leave a comment

Nice post on Ikea's marketing over the years

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